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Letting go when things don’t happen as planned. (#winterstormleon and a pep talk!)

January has been a really hard month for me when it comes to fitness. First, I was almost starting over again with working out, since I’d slacked off during the holidays. Then I had a stomach bug. Next came winter storm number one. Now we’re in the midst of storm number two. But you know…I think it’s going to be okay. The cold weather is out of my control. Sickness and snow is out of my control. All I can do is MY BEST in the circumstances. And that I believe I’ve been doing.

So it’s Wednesday, and I’ve only run 6 miles this week. But my car is literally snowed in (I don’t own a shovel, either). I don’t have a treadmill at home. I can’t run through a foot of snow outside with the jogging stroller, and the base gym is closed. It’s out of my control! What I can do is a home workout DVD to get some cardio in, and I can lift weights.

It’s easy, I think, for myself (and probably a lot of people) to get focused on what you can’t or didn’t do- the FAILURES. But there’s no point, especially if it’s out of your control. Even if it was in your control, if it’s done and over with…move on!

Focus on what you can do, even if it’s not what you planned. Be flexible. Stay active- play in the snow with your toddler or bounce around to a free online YouTube dance workout video. Do some crunches while your dinner is cooking. If I keep this mindset, my active lifestyle will be a SUCCESS.

I’m not going to stress over meeting my Winter Miles Challenge this week. The whole point of the challenge is for people to stay active when the weather is cold and nasty. You don’t have to be on the track or treadmill for that to be true. Make do with what you have.

And I’ll leave you today with some photos I took this morning, here in Virginia Beach:

#Winterstormleon #VABeach

He’s so light and skinny, he doesn’t even sink in!

Finally getting some use out of these Uggs.

 Do you find it tough to let go when things don’t go as planned?