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I’ll probably be coming back and updating this page in a week or two, after I decide what I actually want to say.

But in the meantime, here’s a little about me:

I’m a Navy wife, former Army Reservist, and stay-at-home mom to a toddler boy. During my time on active status, I was in the best shape of my life. As I transitioned back to teaching, I stopped working out regularly. Although I used the lack of time as an excuse, I really just wasn’t motivated enough.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was 165lbs. By my last trimester, I was hitting 230lbs. I stopped looking at the scale by that point. After giving birth, I settled within a week between 190-195lbs. Twenty months later, I’m 154lbs., weighing less than when I first got pregnant. It was hard work and happened through a combination of a healthy diet and exercise.

Although the numbers on the scale look good, I really want to build muscle tone and be stronger overall. One of my goals this year is to lift weights more and build muscle.

In addition to strength training, this year I’m focusing on running. I’ve always “hated” running. Eventually my negativity just got tiring and annoying. I decided to kick my mindset in the butt and run a half marathon. I’m currently training for my first half in April 2014. I hope to run a full marathon one day too.

So that’s a bit about me! Oh, and I also have a parenting/lifestyle blog, if you want to check that out, called Mylifeaworkinprogress.com.

The point of This Mama Runs is to keep myself on track and motivated. It’s also so I can look back and see what I’ve accomplished. And finally, I’m hoping to connect with like-minded people, especially moms, so we can support each other.

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