Getting stronger! And we have orders!

I seem to be getting stronger, woohoo! I’m lifting heavier weights anyway. So I didn’t run outside last Saturday morning like I’d planned. I just forgot. And by the time I remembered, we were getting ready to go the Naval Aviation Museum. I wasn’t about to give up precious family time for a run.

This Monday I did get to run outside. I did just over 2 miles. Every time I ran on pavement, my foot hurt, but it was fine on the grass. Then after my workout today, I noticed MY OTHER (left) foot is now hurting. This tells me two things: I need to stretch more and I need to retire my shoes.

Besides running outside, I also got a good arms and abs workout with a little legs thrown in there too. Well, that’s not entirely true. I don’t think it was a good abs workout. I haven’t been challenging mine, I think. Tonight I found some new ab exercises online that I’ve pinned to Pinterest. I’m going to give those a try tomorrow.

Yesterday was a bad workout day. Baby J woke up late and refused to nap. He was also on a hunger strike, meaning he refused to eat anything I made for him (nutritious). He just wanted cookies. With him being in a mood, I knew there was no way he’d survive 90 minutes at the gym. I did some leg workouts at home (lunges and squats), but didn’t do enough.

I made up for it today with a full-body workout. I was dripping with sweat, woohoo! I feel great now, a little sore, but great.

Tomorrow I’ll do some of those new ab exercises, and then I think I’ll concentrate on cardio for once.

That leads me to this…I’m thinking about not running the half marathon after all. It’s coming up in just over a month, and I haven’t run barely at all in 3 weeks, because of my foot. Even if I train last minute, I’m not going to do well, and I don’t think I’ll enjoy myself. Thankfully, I haven’t registered for it yet. I think it would be more prudent to look for a half marathon in the summer to run.

Did you notice I made some changes on the blog? I added a couple plug-ins, so you can follow me on my social media accounts. They’re connected to, but I still do a lot of fitness related things over there. I also added my Instagram feed, so you can see what I’m posting.

Who am I kidding? There’s no one reading this blog, hahah! That’s okay. It’s still motivating to have one, and one day I’ll look back at what I’ve accomplished and be happy I recorded my journey.

And yes, we finally have orders. Our next duty station will be up in the Baltimore/DC area! I’m very excited about it. There’s so much to do up there! We’ll be moving late spring/early summer.

I’ll leave you with this sweaty, nerdy photo of me after a recent workout. If you’re following me on Instagram, you may have seen it already.

 photo A68D2070-10BC-4A8F-9015-30162ECFA30D_zpsdhqoo0of.jpg

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