Sunny, I mean rainy, Florida!

Baby J and I are in Pensacola, visiting Hubby. He has just a couple of weeks of training left. Then he’ll most likely be headed to another Navy school for 3-6 months and after that we’ll finally move to our new duty station. It’s a little ridiculous that he doesn’t have orders yet. I suppose it happens, but I don’t know anyone who’s had to wait this last minute to get orders to their next duty station! Hubby has no idea where he’s going in 2 weeks.

Okay, so last week I posted about my injured foot. I pushed through the week, doing a little bit of cardio wherever I could. I talked about it in my Fitness Friday post on My Life: A Work in Progress. But basically, I concentrated more on lifting.

This week, since we’re in Pensacola, I have access to the Family Fitness Center on Corry Station. The one back home is not that great. It’s not a center. It’s a tiny room. I was excited about it, because that’s the best I had for a gym workout, but after going to the center here, I much prefer this new one!

The Family Fitness Center has two large rooms: one with machines and the other with free weights, mats, BOSU ball, etc. Running along the side of these rooms are two play areas for the kids, filled with toys! The only downside is the center does not have barbells. I really want to get into heavier lifting. It’ll happen eventually!

The center is open Mon-Thurs, so Baby J and I went every day. Hubby worked out in the next door gym (it’s for active duty) Mon-Wed, and we just met him afterwards. He had a meeting today, so couldn’t go. There isn’t a locker room, but there are two large bathrooms and an infant nursing room!

Monday and Wednesday were arm/abs days. Tuesday and Thursday, I concentrated on legs and butt. Each day I did 15-20 minutes of cardio on an elliptical, treadmill, or Stair Master. You may notice I didn’t do any back-specific exercises. I have no idea how to workout my back. I should probably search for some YouTube videos!

I’m planning on taking tomorrow (Friday) off. Saturday morning I hope to run outside while Hubby watches Baby J. I’d love to get 4 miles in, if my foot will let me. So far the most I’ve gone in one stretch was a mile and a half.

My foot seems better, but occasionally it does hurt a little. At least it’s not worse, so I’m doing something right. I’m itching to start training again for my half marathon, but I don’t think my foot is completely healed.

I was going to end this post with photos, but my Photobucket app is taking too long to load, so I think I’ll save pix for next time.


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