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Brrrrrr Baby, it’s cold outside!

The last day I posted was Saturday, when I had an encouraging run. Sunday I took the day off. Then Monday morning, I ran with two friends (and Baby J, of course). We did two laps together, which is 5.4 miles. Most of that was jogging, but we did walk a little bit…perhaps a mile. After my friends left, I did another lap…mostly jogging, but some walk/sprint intervals. I wanted to change it up a bit for once! So it was a total of 7.2 miles.

Today, Tuesday, I planned to workout at a Navy gym. One of the local bases has a family workout room in one of the gyms. I haven’t checked it out yet, but I heard they have a sort of gated area, where you can stick your kid, with treadmills, bikes, and weights next to it.

Turns out a friend treated me to a movie (and some delicious theater popcorn)! Her husband watched our kids while we were gone. I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie in the theaters! Between the 2.5 hour long “Catching Fire,” nap time, and baby sitting this morning, there wasn’t time to make it to the gym.

There’s snow on the ground right now! First time this year. If it’s still cold tomorrow (and it’s supposed to be), I’ll have to make some indoor plans. If the bases aren’t closed (two inches of snow freaks everyone out around here), I’ll head over the gym there. Another option is to meet a friend at the YMCA. I get one free day and childcare, as a guest. Might cash it in tomorrow!

I’m upping my winter miles challenge this week from 10 to 20 miles. I think I can do it!

How was your weekend and the beginning of your week?

Rough, but I did it.

Went for a second run this week. It was a little warmer out. I ran a little farther, and a little slower. Not going to lie; it was HARD for me to even make two miles. Tomorrow I’ll be running with my training partner, now that she’s feeling better. She’s a much better runner than I am, so she motivates me to keep going! I was depressed today, but I’m feeling better knowing that I’ll show progress running with her.

I definitely broke a sweat!

How was your day? Did you run? How did it go?

Starting over

I always claimed to “hate” running. This fall I just got tired of my negativity over it and decided the only way to beat my attitude was to run a half marathon. Basically, just make running a part of my lifestyle. After just a couple months of running I went from running barely 1 mile to being able to run 10. It was quite a difference for me! Over the holidays with travel and family gatherings, my training slowed down. I’d determined to only run twice a week, and I did just that. It was a mistake. I’m basically starting over now.

I was able to run once last week. I’d intended to run several times, but ended up coming down with a stomach bug. So now my training and this blog are starting about a week late.

Today was rough. I’d hoped to do 6 miles (3 laps), but stopped after just 2 miles (actually less). The Canada Geese poop was all over the trail, and no matter how I tried to dodge it with my jogging stroller, it did end up on my tires. So disgusting! I couldn’t take it anymore. Starting tomorrow, I plan to run the boardwalk at the beach, until it rains and the bird excrement is washed off my usual course.

So the positive:

  • I got out and ran, even though it’s cold.
  • First run since being really sick.

And the negative:

  • I’m slow. My average pace was a 9:36 minute mile, so I have a lot of work to do.
  • Today I used Run Keeper for the first time. According to the app, the track I’ve thought was 2 miles for a few months now, is actually 1.8 miles.

Jan. 8, 2014 run

Calories burned are most likely off, especially since I pushed a jogging stroller with a toddler. He’s a skinny toddler at less than 23 lbs., but it’s still a little extra workout.

My race is in April, and I’m a bit concerned. I know I have a lot of work to do. Hopefully my running partner will feel better soon (she had the same bug), and we can start training together again! I always do better running with someone else than alone.

How was your day? Did you meet your fitness goals?